Mayoral Meeting &
Event Request


Mayor Melton maintains a very busy work and meeting schedule. In order for the Mayor to run the City of Gary in an organized and efficient manner, he has to balance the demands of his work schedule with requests from residents, community organizations, the business community, elected and appointed officials, City employees and other stakeholders.

All guests who wish to meet with the Mayor must have an appointment.

Guests who wish to request an appointment and be put on the Mayor's schedule will need to provide the following information which will be presented to the Mayor's Executive Assistant to evaluate and coordinate a potential meeting date and time.

Please note that all requests must be made well in advance of the date of the requested event/meeting.
The following are time frames for each type of request and how quickly they can be scheduled:

• Constituent/individual or employee meeting: 2-3 weeks in advance

• Community/ organization/ group meeting/ site visit: 3-4 weeks in advance

• Keynote speech: 4-6 weeks in advance

• Attend an event (in person or virtual): 3-4 weeks in advance

• Video recording (for public posting): 2-3 weeks in advance

Compliance with the above listed requirements does not guarantee that the requestor will be granted a meeting with the Mayor. The Mayor or Mayor's office staff may set an in-person meeting, conference call, or video call.


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